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The Benefits of Having a Medical Marijuana Card in Michigan

Financial Benefits: MAJOR SAVINGS!!!

Medical marijuana card holders, in Michigan, will spend approximately 10% less over all at dispensaries do to excise taxes.


Recreational & medical dispensaries offer discounts to medical card holders as high as 50-75%!

MMMP Card pic.jfif


Having a medical card allows you to use your medical card in other medical/recreational marijuana approved states.

It is recommended to not bring your medicine while air traveling, as air travel is federally regulated, and marijuana is still a Schedule 1 drug.

Access to Dispensaries

Having a medical card gives access to medical dispensaries now, which require a medical card. Recreational dispensaries will be at the earliest available in 2020.

Job Security 

Ask and find out if your job has a policy on medical marijuana. Many large and small companies alike have taken a pro stance policy on medical use.


On the job accidents or injuries often result in a drug screening. Having a medical card could save your job!

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