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Grand Remedy CBD is a high quality lab tested cbd product line based out of Grand Rapids Michigan.

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About Grand Remedy CBD


Where and how are the plants grown?

Hemp is a plant that readily absorbs toxins in the ground. If it was grown in toxic soil, the plant will contain those toxins too. You don’t want toxins in your CBD! The hemp plants are grown with organic methods in Colorado.  Our hemp cultivation center is certified by the Department of Agriculture and approved by the Denver Department of Health.  These are some really awesome plants!

What kind of hemp strain is used?

CBD-dominant hemp results in a better tasting, purer end product. Grand Remedy’s strain of CBD-dominant hemp is uniquely produced to achieve 99.98% pure isolate.

Were any toxic compounds used in the refining process?

Some overseas CBD producers use a refining process that involves chemicals which can be harmful to your health. We only use inert compounds in our refining process.

Green Cross Partners knows and trusts Vasayo. Brandon, with Vasayo, was kind enough to tell us about a high quality lab tested CBD product line called Vasayo. Brandon is a distributor for Vasayo, and you can order at https://brandonfaber.vcbdone.com/

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