Do I Need A Medical Marijuana Card?

At Green Cross Partners we are asked often, "If marijuana is recreational, do I need a medical marijuana card?" The short answer is YES, there are benefits. Common reasons for getting a medical card is to gain access to medical marijuana dispensaries, and to receive discounts, like the 10% excise tax on cannabis that is waived at both medical and recreational dispensaries. Also, very exciting, it is looking more and more like it's only a matter of time before insurance companies will cover the cost, or a portion of the cost, of cannabis for licensed patients. Members at Green Cross Partners have seen 10's of thousands of patients reduce or eliminate their need for prescription drugs. It seems the cat is out of the bag that cannabis can be a legitimate and viable part of ones healthcare, and insurance companies, especially with the problems currently surrounding opioids, are recognizing medical cannabis use is not going away.

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Below you can read about some of the benefits of having a license.


Reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer, "Primary B